Chris McGrillen

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Education:Queen's University Belfast - Computer Science with First Class Honours
Company:New York eHealth Collaborative
Role:Technical Expert
Location:New York, NY

During my time in New York I worked at the New York eHealth Collaborative, a non profit public private partnership set up to link all healthcare providers in New York State together so that they can shared data and improve care for their patients.

I was a member of the Integration Team and was responsible for connecting new hospitals and other providers to the SHIN-NY (Statewide Health Information Exchange of New York). My role quickly grew from intern to technical expert in the organisation, and by the time that I left New York many of those in the organisation looked to me for advice, regardless of the fact that I had less experience than them.

While I was in the States I also travelled to different parts of the country, such as California, and made the odd excursion out of the country to Canada. One of the great things about New York is that every day you can walk the same path and notice something new each time.

I feel that my year on the US-NI Mentorship Program has given me a forum to demonstrate how quickly I can adapt to a new environment and learn new skills with little formal training. I also feel that I have grown personally over the past year, I entered New York as a relatively shy person and while I have been here I have gained a confidence that I don’t think I could have elsewhere.

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