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Aims & Objectives

The objectives of the program are:

  • Develop the future business leaders and entrepreneurs of Northern Ireland
  • Develop the skills needed to grow the economy of Northern Ireland
  • Improve the essential business, management and leadership skills of participants
  • Provide participants with first hand international experience

Each year qualified candidates will be selected to work with a mentor at a U.S. firm and gain valuable experience in a corporate environment.

The US-NI Mentorship Program will enable the candidate to:

  • Gain valuable experience in a corporate environment
  • Develop a range of essential business, management and leadership skills
  • Develop a strong network of contacts and business links within the United States
  • Develop an understanding of the international dimension to business
  • Experience a different culture
  • Have the opportunity to add real value to the Northern Ireland economy

The US-NI Mentorship program is the vehicle for participating corporations to:

  • Benefit from international members interacting with their teams
  • Access highly skilled and talented young professionals from Northern Ireland
  • Establish new links with Europe/Northern Ireland
  • Benefit from the academic knowledge of University of Ulster, Queen’s University Belfast and other Northern Ireland institutions.